About Kanda

About Kanda Chocolates 

Kanda™ Chocolates is a brand of Sage & Alms which is a Black-Owned, Woman-Owned Certified Benefit Corporation.

Kanda™ Chocolates is an ethically-sourced, fair-trade chocolate that is grown, processed, and packaged entirely in Ghana with 100% Ghana Cocoa Beans.  We chose Ghana because they are known for having creamier, chocolatey, and more cocoa-forward cocoa beans – without the typical bitter taste that dark chocolate is known for.   We call it the Ghana bean difference. 


Through our research, we were struck by the lack of single-origin Ghanaian chocolate available within stores.  While Ghana is the 2nd largest producer of Cocoa in the world, less than 2% of their exports are finished chocolates.   With the country’s president working to change this, we wanted to join in on their efforts.


Kanda™ Chocolates was created to bring awareness to the superior quality of the chocolate that is made in Ghana.  Kanda Chocolates delivers on the company’s mission by

  • Maintaining operations in Ghana,
  • Purchasing fair-trade cocoa,
  • Purchasing carbon offsets,
  • and Donating a portion of profits to charitable organizations.